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I just recently returned from a 3 week European Tour with our boys in World Of Pain. I drank some good beers covered Europe in US VERSUS THEM stickers met some rad people and saw some crazy shit!


/ By Matteo


Myself, Mike GLORY, MENSO, and Zane Chop Em Down Films will be heading out to Japan next Monday with our San Diego family in World Of Pain and meeting up with our brothers from the East, Loyal To The Grave who are responsible for putting on the almighty BLOODAXE FESTIVAL 2013 featuring World Of Pain/Loyal To The Grave and some of today’s best hardcore bands from Europe/America/Canada/Japan. We will be visiting friends in between drinking tons of sake and shaking hands. Make sure to catch World Of Pain on their Japan tour leading up to BLOODAXE. Catch us at fest and be on the lookout for a special limited event tee!




/ By Matteo

Our Family in Japan has been putting on the biggest hardcore/metal fest in Japan for the past few years. BLOODAXE FEST 2013 has just made their first announcement…….

Loyal To The Grave

/ By Matteo

We are proud to officially welcome to the Us Versus Them familia Tokyo Japan’s finest LOYAL TO THE GRAVE

Loyal To The Grave is the biggest and heaviest thing to come outta Japan since Godzilla! They have been destroying stages all over the world since 1998 and have more than a few solid releases under their belt. These guys have been all over the world and I recently had a chance to catch up with them in Los Angeles. I was blown away by the intensity and energy they put out on stage. 2012′s “Against The Odds” was a prime example of what Japanese hardcore is and has to offer. Perfectly executed on disc and live. They embody the same ideals and DIY ethic that Us Versus Them has always been about. They have been putting on shows and taking care of bands touring Japan for years. They are also responsible for BLOODAXE fest that showcases some of the world’s top names in hardcore. Keep an eye out for this years line up