Can’t Fool The Youth: Fixed Freestyle Book/DVD

/ By Zane Meyer

Im am excited to anounce the 3rd installment of Can’t Fool The Youth. This one is a little different from the prior two. I put together a 32 page hard cover book filled with photos of riders from around the world. Check out the Promo that I put together of the Book and Gus Molina’s Zine. Books are available to purchace for $30. Every book comes with a DVD and Zine. Buy it here

Thailand Trip

/ By Zane Meyer

I would see Fixed Freestyle videos that would come out of Bangkok, Thailand and
would always want to go out there and film. So a few months back I started
planning a trip with the Us Versus Them team and two other riders that had full
parts in my latest Video “Can’t Fool The Youth 3″. I planned on us doing a premiere,
riding/getting clips, and introducing UVT to the local Thailand community.

Every morning we would wake up and go out to get breakfest and we would see 20-30
local FGFS riders waiting for us. It was exciting to see all the kids were so stoked
to want to ride with us. Here is some pictures from our entire trip. photo from
Jason Sellers


Steven Jensen

Devon Lawson

Jonathan Davis

Nat Sakhonbut

Steven Jensen

Anthony Combs

UVT Japan 2013 Trip recap video

/ By Zane Meyer

Glory and I has been going back and forth with this edit for the last couple
months. I had literally two hours of footage that I need to cut down to
a 6 min video. Stoked to Finally release this.

Us Versus Them Las Calaveras Art Show

/ By Zane Meyer

In case you missed it, heres a recap video of our Las Calaveras show at
the Long Beach spot. We had a great turn out and some great art by some
amazing artists. If you came out thanks for the support. Enjoy