Us Versus Them for Chrome Industries

/ By Graham Nystrom

Someone asked us recently why we don’t make more backpacks. It’s a valid question as many brands offer them each season. For us personally, we like to make sure we would want to use every product we put out. If we couldn’t see ourselves running it in our day to day life, it gets cut. While there’s quite a bit of good looking bags floating around out there using a classic style, we found that the quality and construction were not good enough. To us a backpack is a tool, not a fashion accessory that is supoosed to compliment a WDYWT outfit. If it can’t take the abuse of real life we don’t want it.

Chrome has always been at the forefront of the utilitarian bag scene, and we have personally used and abused their bags for years, without fail. They have protected our laptops, cameras, artwork, etc through all sorts of fucked up conditions, and have yet to blow a seam on any of their bags. So when we were trying to figure out what to do about a bag offering, it just made sense to contact our friends at Chrome to set up a project.

We wanted to use our favorite bag they make, the Barrage, and give it a bit of our style. So we took our Las Cruces pattern, and had it printed in a 3M reflective print, and made a custom patch celebrating the collaboration. Instead of the standard vinyl bottom usually found on their bags, we used top grain leather to add a bit of classic feel to a very modern looking bag.

Our goal with UVT is to create products that people use for years and appreciate as a part of their daily life, not as a throwaway purchase that they wear a few times and sell at Buffalo Exchange, like most brands end up being. Hopefully we’ll see these bags still being used 5 years from now, used and abuse and still holding up.

Big thanks to the team at Chrome for making this happen! Now get outside and get lost!


Bangkok Bound Teaser

/ By Zane Meyer

Steven Jensen, Devon Lawson, Jonathan Davis, Johnathan Ball, Josh
Boothby, RSK, Anthony Combs, and Myself went to Bangkok, Thailand
to Premiere Cant Fool The Youth 3 and Film “Bangkok Bound”. I’m
really stoked how this video came together. We will be having
showings in Bangkok Nov 6th, Seoul Nov 12th, and Tokyo Dec 10th.
The full video will be public early 2015. Stay Tuned.