Thailand Trip

/ By Zane Meyer

I would see Fixed Freestyle videos that would come out of Bangkok, Thailand and
would always want to go out there and film. So a few months back I started
planning a trip with the Us Versus Them team and two other riders that had full
parts in my latest Video “Can’t Fool The Youth 3″. I planned on us doing a premiere,
riding/getting clips, and introducing UVT to the local Thailand community.

Every morning we would wake up and go out to get breakfest and we would see 20-30
local FGFS riders waiting for us. It was exciting to see all the kids were so stoked
to want to ride with us. Here is some pictures from our entire trip. photo from
Jason Sellers


Steven Jensen

Devon Lawson

Jonathan Davis

Nat Sakhonbut

Steven Jensen

Anthony Combs

SAMPLE SALE!! This Sunday, April 6th @UVTgarage

/ By Mike Glory

SAMPLE SALE!! This Sunday, April 6th
In Murrieta at UVT Garage from 8am-2pm.
One off production Samples/ Past Season Gems/ Old Stock Finds/ Limited Edition Items. Special 1 day only marked down prices!!
UVT Garage
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Murrieta, CA. 92562


/ By James Banuelos

Been working on the first installment of a series of projects tabbed “KEEPERS OF THE CRAFT” for this year. The project has been set into motion to illustrate that there are alternative ways to carve a living for yourself in the world, doing what you love. And despite the many obstacles and occasional social bias you yourself can achieve anything you put your mind to. That traditional crafts of all types are alive and well here in America. This project highlights individuals that have chosen to dedicate their lives to perfecting and preserving the heritage of what they do. First on deck is Tattoo Artist/Photographer Ben Grillo. Ben is a steadfast gent with old school traditions and values. A honest and trustworthy talent that has came up through the ranks the original way, paying his dues while paying homage to the forefathers of the craft. An old soul with a youthful spirit, Ben is truly 1 of a kind. We are working on a limited run of tee’s designed by Ben that will be available mid next month via our website. Here are a few photo’s from the first day we starting shooting the project. Hope you enjoy. Pictures were shot on location at POWER TATTOO in San Diego, thanks Chris Yvon owner of POWER for the access and hospitality.

- Photos by Kingston


/ By kingston

Went to Musink for a bit and caught some people wearing UVT. Yesterdays lineup was a blast from a past with Strife, H20, Judge and Gorilla Biscuits. Click “More” for a bunch of photos.