Good Karma

/ By kingston

In case you miss Victors show in Downey on Friday. Here are some photos to recap.


/ By Graham Nystrom

Devotion and passion are key to the success of any endeavor. In any industry or scene you’ll find that the people pushing shit forward are the ones who put 110% into whatever it is they are doing. But somewhere along the way the focus moves away from the actual creations to the interpersonal drama and machinations of who’s on top. Soon after you end up with a gossip industry rather than any actual “industry” at all. Personalities start to shape the perception of the product and bedroom analysts write dissertations on the most superficial of details as if they were discussing world politics.

So we asked our good friend Jesse (aka @sketchytank) to come up with a little jab to all the self serious people who can’t seem to see outside of their self constructed bubble of trendiness and self-imposed level of importance. Jesse is the complete opposite of this and is why we love him so much. Dude found his own lane, and committed to doing what he wants, doesn’t give a fuck about what other people think is cool and in the process, has garnered a substantial following of fans. We bounced a few ideas around and he worked his magic as usual, with the end result being a tee, coozie and patch. Head over to the online store and pick it up! Any tee order includes a free patch while supplies last.

The point, my friends, is that life, and yes, even “The Clothing Industry” doesn’t have to be so damn serious. Quit caring so much what the next guy is up to. Do what you like. Do what makes you happy. Keep it cool, fuckers.


/ By James Banuelos

Once every era there is someone with a creative energy that resonates such an incredible feel that everyone takes heed to. To us Ben Grillo epitomizes just that. With hard working ethics, homage to the forefathers of his crafts, dedication towards his passions Ben is creating his mark on the world. Humble on his rumble he draws inspiration from old school worlds of chicano art and traditional tattoos. With the utmost respect towards the craft he has become known for the insane detail in his micro tattoos. In some circles Ben is also known for his unique perspective and take with photography. He enjoys the advancement of technology and the new school DSLR’s, but is equally stoked on the more manual retro medium format film camera’s. We believe Ben to be a true keeper of these crafts. Keep an eye out for him, nothing but rad stuff will becoming out of his corner of the world. We are very honored and appreciative to collaborate with him here, while supplies last there will be a limited supply of a hand drawn graphic and a photo tee of an image he took in his tattoo work space. KEEPERS OF THE CRAFT, an initiative in paying homage to the roots of the cultures and the craft in which you represent and participate in. Respecting the originators and preserving the way, not sacrificing and honoring it regardless of the prospect of personal or financial gain. Dont dilute what you didn’t start. Some things are sacred, contribute and cultivate. With respect.

Words By: James Banuelos