/ By Matteo



This past Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing and meeting up with the one and only Death Threat. One of the few hardcore bands still in existence that makes me feel like an awkward 16yr old boy all over again at a show for his fist time. They still played a few of the first songs they wrote all the way back in 1997 and they killed it. I was excited to see them play but was super stoked to find out that their guitar player Wes was a big fan of Us Versus Them and that their singer BrooklynAaron was wearing a Stussy shirt while destroying Pomona. So much respect to those guys. They played all the classics and it was a fucking warzone. Reminded me of the Showcase Theatre days. Keep and ear out for these guys and if you ever get a chance to see them, take it!
“I’m a grown ass man not a punk ass kid,
So get the fuck out of my face.”

In other hardcore news our fellas over at World Of Pain have been rather busy. They just finished up recording their new 6 song EP entitled “Improvise & Survive” and it will feature artwork from the one and only Graham Nystrom. Check out their stereo killer profile above it has a nice new track they just leaked. Definitely the heaviest shit on the West Coast right now. Expect to see something awesome dropping sometime in April and catch WOP on tour in Europe again this year as well as Japan!
Us Versus Them X World Of Pain

And on the other side of the world my best friends in Germany just released their new video for the brand new track “My Brain Went Terribly Wrong”, this shit cracks me up. The coolest dudes to party with in Europe and they happen to be the heaviest fucking band in the world. If you look closely you can see one of the dancers wearing a UVT shirt. The song is from their highly anticipated new record LOVE dropping February 28th. Catch them on tour all over Europe smashing beers and nazis!