From LA To SD

/ By Matteo


I had the chance last week to catch up with World Of Pain and see them play Pomona with NYHC legends MERAUDER. The show was wild and World Of Pain set it off with a fresh track off their upcoming EP “IMPROVISE & SURVIVE”. Kids went nuts and got nice and warmed up for the almighty Merauder. They kept it short and sweet playing tracks from Master Killer and Life Is Pain. I gave out at least 80 UVT stickers from the WOP merch booth and got to catch up the with the homie Josh from “The Ninth Circle”. He has a cool brand going on and has been around the Southern California metal/hardcore scene for years as well as a UVT supporter since day 1. Definitely worth checking his stuff out.



myself & The Underworld King


Noah (WorldOfPain) Gorge (Merauder)




Also this past weekend I headed down to the always beautiful city of San Diego to hangout and catch up with my brother “Face” who is not just the drummer for World Of Pain but also a Brewer for the Coronado Brewing Company. When I walked in to see him one of the first things I saw was our original home brew set up that we brewed countless beers on including the US VERSUS THEM X CTHULHU BLACK IPA


Cocktail Hour



if you fancy yourself a fine craft brew and happen to be in SD head down to 1205 Knoxville Street and say whats up