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Last year we were presented with the opportunity to create a shirt for The Coachella Music Festival out in Indio, California. Heading out to the Polo Fields has been an integral part of our yearly routine since the inception of the event, and we set forward to design something that we felt would stand out from the rest of the merch you’d normally see there. The result was a design that ended up selling out faster than any of the other shirts at the Coachella Boutique which sells all the product onsite at the show.

Glory met with the dudes at goldenvoice and let us know that this year was a go again, and we decided we’d bring on our good friend Menso One from Heritage Tattoo to come up with the concept. We went through a couple ideas before he settled on doing a piece around a hot air balloon. At first it would seem somewhat random, because, what does a hot air balloon have to do with a music festival?

With most of the graphics we make, there are always going to be references that might not be apparent to everyone. Some are simple, some are deep, some are obscure. The general idea though is to root the artwork in something other than simply being nice to look at. With last years coachella graphic we took our Crosscut logo, which is a palm tree and a machete, and changed the palm tree to a Date palm, which is the Coachella Valley’s most famous crop, along with drum sticks instead of the machete, to reference the festivals contribution to the areas culture.

As with a lot of desert towns, hot air ballooning is a popular activity due to the availability of areas to land, and the dramatic landscape. Early morning at sunrise its not strange to see a group of balloons rising off the horizon and floating across the sky before setting down hours later. Taking that, he replaced the basket with speakers and this years concept was born.

After receiving the drawing, we went to work adding our signature shading detail and linework.

Available on men’s and women’s tees, and as a poster print, which is limited to 100 pieces. The only place you’ll be able to get either one is at the Coachella Boutique, and will be available both weekends of the show. See you there!

Zane Meyer of Chop Em Down films sat down with Menso at Heritage for a late night session and put together this video about the project. Take a look.