/ By James Banuelos

There is a balance I feel between what we should expose publicly and those things we hold privately. Over the last couple years I have been asked questions directed at how a brand or business is built and what exactly goes into it. Its a loaded question and everyone has there own perspective. To create a brand of substance there are easily a 100 things one must become very good at. From capitailazation needs at the inception to design, marketing, production, sourcing textiles, e commerce, social media etc etc. Originality is a tuff one since almost all of everything in existence has been used or creative influence has been derived from. Being original to me just means staying true to your core values and not expoliting things you have no part of and or have never participatied in. In this way we are all originals, original to our own way. With that being said I have decided to document some of the days of my life via Instagram (@senorwoodgrainjames) and promise to hold nothing private from you. The real me with no added fluff or image building tactics in place. So besides the never ending need to fund your dreams and business, one of the most important components of building your business is personal relationships and cultivating cool things with rad people. Here are a few shots from my first attempt. Hope you all digg’em.