Classic Legend Car Show

/ By Zane Meyer

A couple weeks back I went out to Nagoya, Japan to Film The Classic
Legends Car Show. This was honestly the sickest car show I have ever
been to. The best Lowriders all under one roof. I can’t wait till
next year! Enjoy the video and share

Filmed and edited by Zane Meyer of Chop Down Films

Us Versus Them for Chrome Industries

/ By Graham Nystrom

Someone asked us recently why we don’t make more backpacks. It’s a valid question as many brands offer them each season. For us personally, we like to make sure we would want to use every product we put out. If we couldn’t see ourselves running it in our day to day life, it gets cut. While there’s quite a bit of good looking bags floating around out there using a classic style, we found that the quality and construction were not good enough. To us a backpack is a tool, not a fashion accessory that is supoosed to compliment a WDYWT outfit. If it can’t take the abuse of real life we don’t want it.